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7 Ways to Increase English Language Skills, IELTS - Emigrate2Aust HQ

7 Ways to Increase English Language Skills, For IELTS & Life

by Your Man in Australia on February 11, 2013

Increase English Language Skills7 Ways to Increase English Language Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking Skills.

When immigrating to Australia being fluent in English is one of the biggest assets you can have. So it is Valuable to Increase English Language Skills.

Firstly you need to be fluent enough to score a 6 or 7 in the IELTS exam. But you also need good communication skills to negotiate work and living arrangements.

This can also give you the edge when looking for sponsored work and helps you build relationships with employers and co-workers which can open many doors and opportunities.

So there are 7 things you can do right now to improve your English language skills.

1. Make a rule to only speak English at home. Do it for three days of the week for 3 weeks and notice the improvements.

2. Study the English form of something that your passionate in. Say you like cricket, then read and watch the English presentations of the match. There is even radio commentary of the game. And it's there you can pick up much of the slang and terminology commonly used in Australia.

3. Talk to people and strike up a conversation on the street or different native English speaking people. This will be a challenge and you will need to put yourself in a confident state of mind before doing this.
Overcome your inhibitions and you'll reap massive English learning rewards.

4. Listen to podcasts on your favourite subjects in English. Repetition is the key here. The more you listen to more you will gradually learn.

5. Make the effort to watch iconic Australian Movies. But don't just be entertained by the Aussie humour, instead place a lot of attention on the material like you were studying an English language course.
Then repeat the process on the same movie and notice the difference in the amount of English you pick up and retain. Again repetition is the key.

6. Join a club or sports team on the weekend, in something your passionate in and make some Australian friends. This will force the natural progression of your English skills and is a great way to network in your local community. You never know what doors will open when networking. Remember most of the time in this world "it's not what you know, but who you know".

7. Once you have implemented these areas of free English learning for several months you may not even need to take an English course or IELTS pre-exam. But if your not confident and need the confirmation from and organised body that your English skills are up to scratch in the listening, speaking and understanding department then spend some coin and look for a course that offers learning over time instead of one time classes. This will help you learn over time. And will be a more effective way of integrating the English language into your everyday vocabulary.
Good work keep it up!

photo by nathan17

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