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Cover Letters for Sponsored Jobs

Cover Letters for Sponsored Jobs

Cover letters for sponsored jobs

by Your Man in Australia on September 3, 2012

(Note: Write and Submit your Best, Most Professional, Innovative Cover-Letter before October 1st 2012 to Win a Free 4 Week Coaching Course with Your Man in Australia, from the Emigrate to Australia HeadQuarters.) 

Does Your Cover-Letter Look Awesome? Do you know how to write cover letters that get responses? If you can not honestly say "Hell Yes!" to both of these questions. It is time you invested some time into your future, by learning the simple art of writing Awesome Cover-letters! so your Cover Letters and applications don't end up in the Scrap bin.  

So lets get started. 

Our Cover Letter is the 1st contact we have with the recruitment officer or Australian Employer. For this reason alone it is SO important we make a good impression. Because if we don't make an impression, we wont be getting another chance.

So how do we make a good impression, how do we make the cover letter cut?

First we need to know 3. facts about what the cover letter is and what it is supposed to do.

  1. Our Cover Letter needs to be easy to read. So that means standard fonts and text sizing.
  2. Our Cover Letter needs to get to the point about how we are the best match for the position advertised.
  3. And Most importantly our Cover Letter needs to directly address the Criteria setout in the job posting.

So we'll go into more detail on each point starting with no.1

The biggest thing that goes against us is misspelling words and grammatical sentence errors. My spelling is actually pretty bad and i am always using spell checker. although sometimes i do forget and i have forgotten on this blog to use the spell checker and i later discovered spelling mistakes on my pages and posts. i hope that wasn't off putting for you.
We always need to use the free spell checker, try Google Docs English spell checker. 

Some times my sentences don't even make sense, so I'm constantly re-writing trying to find the right combinations of words to create the most meaningful sentences to convey my message.
So we need to pay attention to how we structure our sentences to have the maximum effect on our cover letters. 

*Tip – Ask a friend or family member to read through your cover letter to check that the sentence is grammatically correct, makes sense and that the words flow. 
"ps. I have already been corrected by the spell checker 8 times"

​Cover Letters are supposed to deliver the most relevant information in the shortest amount of words to the person reading them as possible. What this tells us, is that we need to get our message across as soon as possible. Most of the time we wont get a second chance. So when the advertisement talks about how the ideal candidate will need to have "managed a team of people". We don't want to point out on the cover letter that we have experience in "ordering stock" or "stock take" and "data entry". It just doesn't fit the criteria, so what we are doing when we make this mistake is saying that we not actually capable of what is required. We don't want to do that.

This seems simple but it is an easy mistake to make. Some of the difficulty we face is actually within ourselves, because we want to talk about our achievements and experience. and we want to show how much we know about stuff. When we do that we forget to address the key words and topics that are being requested in the job description and criteria. 

The job description and criteria actually tells us what they want to hear and know about you. so all you have to do is carefully read and fill in the blanks that they are asking you to fill in. this can take some time at first but the more cover letters you write for different individual jobs the better we become at addressing the key points that standout over other peoples Cover Letters. This leads to our Resume/CV being read more, which leads to getting more interviews and increases our chances of landing that ideal Sponsored Job. 

The sole purpose of a cover-letter is to give the employer enough Information to identify our qualities and expertise as a direct match for the advertised position. The trick is to provide enough compelling information, proof of skills, qualification and experience that match, what they have told us in the job description, criteria of what they are looking for. 

Australian employers will filter applications by setting out Criteria that we NEED to address in our cover-letters and each job has different Criteria. This shows signs that we are paying attention to the details, which is what everyone is looking for.
(attention to details)

Think of the situation we are in at the moment, you are probably here reading this because you seeking information or guidance in a area that is specific to your unique situation, you are wanting someone to pay attention to your specific situation. So the moral of the story is that, If you want others to pay attention to your details, you will also have to pay attention to other peoples details.

I have set up a criteria filter for entrants to the competition (just like they do in the real world) that can be found at the bottom of this post. 
Note: anyone who doesn't meet this criteria, their Best Cover Letter Entry will not be reviewed.

You'll be surprised how many people wont actually read these full text and will miss out on the competition, which is a metaphor for missing out in other things in life. (i may even post the total numbers that forget to address the criteria, which will be interesting to see.)

In this post i have covered the basics for writing quality cover-letters for Sponsorship Jobs or any jobs for that matter. If you need more help and Professional insight into how to write an Amazing Cover Letter, you will need to do your own research as there is literally tons of free resources on the internet available, you just have to spend the time looking and learning.
If you want to fast track your Cover Letter Writing success and get the complete education on cover letters, i suggest that you save yourself hundreds or thousands of Zero reply Job applications by looking into one of the best resources on writing cover letters. 2 premium products linked here

Amazing Cover Letters

One Click Cover Letters

Both of these programs will help you greatly to write quality eye-catching cover letters for the rest of your life. 
So if you do decide to purchase a one of these products on Writing Awesome cover-letters, you can decide to use my affiliate links, i do get a commission from these sales, but because everything i do here is for free, it would be really helping me out and that way i can spend more time helping you get to where you want to go.

How to Submit your application into the Competition?

The single Critical Criteria to submit your Cover Letter for the Competition is that you copy and paste “My Best Cover-Letter Competition” into the Subject line of the email and Attach your Cover-Letter in a Microsoft Word or similar format  into the email, This is so that will be easier for the 5 Australian Business Owners to Review all the entries, and give the award to the Best, Most Well Written Cover Letter!

Send your entries to win(at)emigratetoaustraliahq.com  (Replace (at) with @)

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