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Skilled Migration to Australia

Guide to Skilled Migration to Australia – Part One

Post image for Guide to Skilled Migration to Australia – Part One

by Your Man in Australia on October 4, 2012

The 3 Step Process for Skilled Migration to Australia Part 1. – Skillselect.

After years of tough study, tests, exams and work, you have finally reached your goal of certification and now you want to participate in Skilled migration to Australia.

You many now already be an accountant, nurse or IT specialist… you may have even excelled A+ and moved up the "corporate ladder"? But where to now.. are your dreams complete? I know my dreams are still only beginning.

As you stand now, life maybe easy sailing and you look back on your life to see how far you have really come. Look back and see what you have achieved.

Others around you congratulate you on your success in securing your permanent job or getting that latest promotion. But you still dream of something More. Do you remember if you had bigger dreams? like being a skilled migration to Australia.

Maybe you dreamed of running your own company or reaching the status of Ph.D, and maybe just maybe you dreamed of doing all this in a country like Australia. Where the cap to your success is determined by your own efforts and willingness to work and achieve the life you want.

Is Skilled migration to Australia what you had always planned?

If your dreams and inspiration have brought you this far, then you'll either already know or your looking to find out the next steps you can take to achieve the next of your life's goals. Skilled migration to Australia could be your chance.

So what is the correct process to take for skilled migration to Australia? 
This is a question i get on a daily basis, so i thought i should write about it, in my opinion what is the process to migrate to Australia as a skilled professional.

Before i start, Guess what? the process to migrate to Australia varies for each individual. No two cases are hardly ever the same.

Luckily for us their are some generalities that can be applied to build a road map of the journey. So you can start today. 

This guide is targeted towards the those people how have already spent a great deal of time and effort studying and working in the industry of your chosen study.

to all those who are still studying or gaining your experience in the workforce. This guide can be part of your long term plan, that is if you find yourself in the situation described above. 

Step One for Skilled Migration to Australia via Skillselect

*You maybe able to outsource this step by hiring a reputable migration agent.

Invest in your education. I know, I know you have had enough of "education". But i cant stress this enough, its only with the knowledge of what it is you want to achieve that you will gain success at it.. I'm sure you have heard of people migrating to Australia who were lucky and it just "kind of happened to them". This is a possibility, but we cant rely on it. To increase our chances of success in any Endeavour we must firstly 

  1. Possess the Knowledge of a body of information. (For example, this is the part where we read everything we can find on the different types of sponsored visas) 
  2. Then we can Understand what is needed to be done, using the knowledge in 1.  (example, Identify what sponsored visas suits our situation and understand the requirements we need to meet to be able to apply.)
  3. Finally we can Act on that knowledge and understanding. (example, you can now confidently pursue the type of jobs that offer or have offered in the past the kind of visa that you seek.)

These 3 steps are the basis of all learning and is not limited to the subject of visas. If followed in the right order of (Knowledge –> Understanding –> Wisdom). The mastery of any subject is more easily attainable.

Submitting an EOI (Expression of Interest) on to the skillselect platform is the first step to take for skilled professionals migrate to Australia. 

Some things you will be able to hire a professional to help you, some things you will have to learn on your own.

Action Step for the Aspiring Skilled Migration to Australia: Enter your email address to get instant access to the Guide to Australian Visas.

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Step Two for Skilled Migration to Australia via Skillselect.


By now you should know what the requirements are, for various visas that you might apply for. 

If you skipped 'step one for skilled migration to australia' then i will have to point you towards the tab in each visa subclass, called Applying. Herein contains a downloadable "Document checklist" for visa applications. Attached here is the subclass 457 visa document checklist. This will basically tell you what documents to will need for skilled migration to Australia. 

The way that skillselect works it that australian employers get to view and take their pick from the thousands of EOI's. That skilled people wishing to work and migrate to Australia have submitted. Most of the EOI's invited to apply for visasfrom july 1 to september 1st 2012 have been EOI's that have scored 70+ on the points test. (This ensures that the Australian employer is getting the most skilled individual to join their business.) 

Action Step for the Aspiring Skilled Migration to Australia: Go to skillselect at http://www.immi.gov.au/skills/skillselect/ to start investing in your education and gain a good understanding of the requirements for your visa.

A word of warning before you rush off to submit your EOI in a frenzy of activity. Any claims you make that add to your point score of at least 60 points. When the time comes when you do get invited to apply for your chosen visa, you Will be required to provide documented evidence to support the claims you made, that led to your point score. 

skilled migration to australia via skillselect

Action Step for the Aspiring Skilled Migration to Australia: Increase your points score by increasing your English with IELTS band 7 & 8 here.

Below is an excerpt of the relevant documents you need to provide when applying for the visa.

You must provide documents that prove the claims you made in your Expression of Interest. These are identified and explained in the Document Checklist. This checklist also explains additional requirements and whether you need to provide original documents or certified copies.

Any document in a language other than English must be accompanied by an English translation that has been done by a translator who has been accredited by an organisation such as National Accreditation Authority for Translations and Interpreters (NAATI). Translations done by a translator not accredited by NAATI must include that person's full name, address, telephone number, and details of their qualifications and experience in the language being translated.

All supporting documents should be scanned and uploaded with your application.

The department will notify you if they need more information and/or documentation.
Source: http://www.immi.gov.au/skills/skillselect/index/visas/subclass-189/

From the time you submit your EOI on to Skillselect it will remain active on the skillselect platform for employers to view for a total of 2 years.

Submitting an EOI onto skillselect is a free service and is potentially a fast way to be invited for a sponsored visa, if you have the skills that Australia is in need of.

This Step is particularly important and can not be under emphasized. So in most cases even after all your research, it is wise to consult with the professional opinion and advice of an MARA authorized migration agent.

Step Three for Skilled Migration to Australia via Skillselect.

Action: Submit your EOI onto Skillselect.

Your EOI can be submitted from outside and inside of Australia

Here are video tutorials to take you thought the steps involved on Skillselect.

Create an Account

Expression of Interest

Managing your account

If you qualify for 60 or more points, submitting your EOI on skillselect is a great start, it can be very rewarding but it is only a start.  

Remember only 40,000 sponsored visas will be potential approved via skill select, that means of the 100,000+ skilled migrants entering australian every year will will have an equal opportunity for gaining acceptance for sponsored working visas in the Australia job search market. This is where we will focus part two of skilled professionals migrate to Australia. this is where you are in the most control of your destiny   

the problem with skillselect is that you are not really in control of your own success. As most of the time after you submit your EOI will spend waiting around not knowing what is going on with no ability to make things happen.

In part two of the guide to skilled migration to Australia, we will discuss the process to go about tracking down and targeting in on sponsored austrailan jobs in the open job market and also the secret job market.

We will also look into how to market yourself to australian employers and the best way practices for you to be chosen over others going for the job.

Begin with the end in mind. If it is your absolute dream to become a Permanent part of the Australian landscape then you need to consider it to be, at least your 3-5 year goal.

To more guidence on your journey of skilled migration to Australia, we hope to serve you as best we can.

Action Step for the Aspiring Skilled Migration to Australia: Start now by getting the Guide to Australian Visas and Free Updates below.


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I need eoi information ………one question is if a person applied onshore then how long he can stay in aus……


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