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How to move to australia, Habits of successful people.

The 6 Habits of Successful Emigrants

how to have migration success

by Your Man in Australia on July 2, 2012


Do you want to emigrate to a foreign country?

When I was 4 years old we emigrated to Australia. Now when I look back on my life, I see that it was one of the Best things that could have happened in my life.

How big of an impact would it be for You and your children?

This makes me wonder what really made the difference when we immigrated? How and why, were we successful and how others can also get their Permanent Residency?

But the Australian Immigration Laws are So Complicated.

It has always been difficult to immigrate to Australia, the early settlers had to commit crimes before they were to be sent over here.

No, but seriously, what do successful immigrants have in common? I do know we had to return to our country of origin before we could return and permanently settle.

Today there are so many different streams of entry to Australia that there is no shortage of opportunity. In fact just like 25 years ago the Australian Government is still seeking for more people to Immigrate, to help improve the strength of the economy.

So I realised that it’s the Big Picture that ultimately makes the difference when attempting to settle in any new country. This is your mindset, your mental habits.

With so many amusements in our lives today, a positive can-do mindset is often never learned or forgotten and replaced with the mindset of Convenience.

I spent a lot of time observing, which led to this eight success traits shared by all the Australian immigrants that I have met over the years. I am happy to share it with you.

The good news is that even if you don’t already have these personality traits already, most of them can be developed over time. Best of all. If you can cultivate these traits, you’ll become more successful in the rest of your life as well.

1. Successful Immigrants are decicive

The first key to becoming a successful immigrate is to decide.

If you make a clear and affermative discision to immigrate to another country and to do whatever it takes then everything will be so much easier.

No one whats to support you if you are not even sure what you want.

Most successful immigrants had to make a clear Decission to immigrate to a new land, to start a new life. They used a strategy of making their goal public with their friends and family so that others would help make them accountable to their own goals.


 2. A successful migrant plans ahead

The truth is that with the right information, you will get a clearer understanding of what is involved. And from your knowledge, then you can take the most effective actions to making a successful migration.

Planning is the biggest secret to immigrating.

Knowing what visas and streams of immigration are available, is such valuable knowledge.

Doing the right research and planning can not only save you months and maybe years of your time, but can also save you hundreds or thousands of dollars in lawyer fees and visa applications.


3. Successful immigrants are lifelong learners

If you have just landed in Australia, you’ll realize that it is quite different than where you are naturally from.

Whether your learning to improve your language or a new skill.

You are probably on a steep learning curve with just learning the English language, or maybe your struggling with having more meaningful interactions with english speaking Australians.

Maybe you tell yourself that things will get better as more time passes. or that you’ll figure out a the best way to immigrate at a later date.

Sadly, I think this is a myth. Everyone that I have spoken to has told me that the immigration laws are constantly changing and difficult to understand. And that many have ahd to change the immigration Stream and or visa to keep up with the always evolving immigrating requirements.

If you want to stay ahead when migrating, you’ll have to keep learning.

Fortunately, being curious and wanting to learn keeps you young and your brain active. A passion for learning doesn’t just set you up for knowing how to go about applying for permanent residency, but also leads to a successful and happy life.


4. Successful migrants are focused and consistent

Successful migrants choose an immigration Stream and stick with it.

They apply consistently for the jobs in the areas they have qualifications in, and with consistent action, increase their chances of success.  Even after learning about as many aspects of the migration process as possible successful immigrants will focus on their niche area of expertise and chosen migration path.

Successful immigrants are focused on meeting deadlines for jobs and applications because they have realized that whatever extra effort they apply now, they will be tremendously rewarding in the future.


5. Successful migrants are persistent

Effective migrants know that success doesn’t happen overnight.  The Real success rarely happens quickly, especially when immigrating to another country.

To get Permanent Residency takes consistency, hard work, serious study and lots of persistence.
Successful immigrants don’t give up.


6. Successful migrants are self-starters

I’ve noticed a lot of people like the idea of immigrating to Australia, living the good life and enjoying in the freedom, security and income opportunities. But if you want these things your going to have to manage yourself.

No one is going be with you every day telling you what to do to successfully immigrate. No one will remind you of important application deadlines.

You need to be a self-starter. It’s not good enough to have ideas, you need to act on them.


What trait do you think is the most valuable?

What do you think the most important trait of a successful migrant is?

It might be one of these six, or could be something completely different.

Let us know in the comments!

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