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I need to find a sponsorship in australia

Need Help Finding Sponsorship in Australia

help finding sponsorship in australia


Achieve Your Dream and See How to Get Sponsored Australian Jobs the Smart Way.


G’day this is Tino Beth and today I’ll be talking about How to find Sponsored Jobs in Australia.  Finding sponsored jobs applies to people who want a good life in Australia.

Most successful visa options available for sponsored employment are:

  • The 457 Visa
  • Employer Nominated Scheme subclass 186
  • Regional sponsored migration scheme subclass 187

But how do we get to the point of being able to apply for these visas? Read on thats what this page is all about.

Since July 1st 2012 the Australian government launched a program called SkillSelect. 

To get on the Skillselect database you need to submit an expression of interest or EOI for the particular skill you have training and experience in.

This means you don’t get any contact with your potential employer and you can’t build that important relationship, before they get to see your CV/Resume and decide to give you the Sponsored Job or Not.

That obviously makes things much harder for anyone just starting out on their career path because with Skillselect Australian employers can now pick and choose the best CV/Resumes that qualify for the job. You No longer can appeal to their humanity and kindness by thanking them and showing them how much achieving your dream really means to you.

It has also made it much more competitive, because the person with the best CV/Resume for each industry Wins and makes it especially difficult for someone like you, who wants to prove they are worthy of sponsorship through your hard work and dedication. 

Actually if hard work and dedication were still the main skills you had to have (like they were 25 years ago), then you all would of been sponsored yesterday. Times are a bit harder now, which means we have to work a bit Smarter.

Only time will tell if Skillselect turns out to be a good way to get sponsored jobs, but I think it is only really going to help 5% of people trying to get sponsored. So the traditional/modern ways of finding Sponsored jobs still applies to 95% of you.

So clearly isn't it SO IMPORTANT that you have your CV/Resume optimized to perform best and clearly it is just as IMPORTANT to have a Plan and Strategy of

  • How you are going to look for Australian Employers,
  • How you are going to approach them for a Job,

This is what i mean about being Smarter in your search for Austarlian Sponsored Jobs.


First of all, the layout of this Information. 

find sponsored jobs in australia

Im going to be unboxing a product that I know you are going to Love. 

The How to Find Sponsored Jobs in Australia e-Package consists of:


  1. How to Find Sponsored Jobs in Australia Ebook – Step-by-Step Guide.
  2. CV’s for job Sponsorship in Australia eGuide.
  3. How to write a Successful Australian Cover Letter.
  4. Linkedin Strategy for Job Sponsorship.


This is hands down the best resource on the internet to help you find sponsored jobs in Australia, so you don’t lose sight of how to achieve your dreams and reach your goals in life.

I also just want to be honest with you upfront and tell you that I am an affiliate for this product, so i do receive remuneration. But its because I truly believe in this E-package, I just know it will help you achieve your dreams in this life of migrating your family to Australia. So I wanted to make a proper review about it.

My Goal is to get it in front of more people, Because I know deep in my heart that this is the Highest Education available on the subject of How to Find Sponsored Jobs in Australia. So It would really help me out if you shared this with all your friends that you think will benefit from it, so we can spread the word to all those who need it.


1. How to find Sponsored Jobs in Australia – Step-by-Step Guide – Your 

Secret Weapon.


This is a 111 page super resource that takes you through 7 massive modules giving you the comprehensive higher education you need to successfully launch your dreams of migrating to Australia. Nadine Myers is the Author and to this date she has had more than 14 years experience in the Human Resource, Recruitment and International Placement field.

She obviously knows a lot about the job search industry and she has now applied her knowledge and skills in helping those find sponsored jobs.

In this unboxing, I going to go through the different modules of the ebook to help you see how this higher education will be able to help you in achieving your Dreams.

Module One: Do you Qualify for Employer Sponsorship in Austraila?

So many people have found that they have been applying to sponsored jobs for months before finding out that they might not even qualify for the visa they are applying for, this module will help you assess what your best options are.

Module Two: Marketing for success

This covers all the general strategies you need to implement to find sponsored jobs and how to properly market yourself for jobs in Australia,. So No more Copy and paste Job applications please, spend the time preparing and produce quality work so that you will have a quality outcome.  

Module Three: Planning your Job Sponsorship Search

It is so important that you understand what areas to target when applying for jobs, this module helps you map out what areas to target in the job search industry and how you can organize your yourself for maximum effect.

Module Four: Mainstream Job Search Strategy

How do Australians find jobs in Australia? Well now you have all the resources that they have. All you have to do now is use this E-package to make yourself highly competitive for these jobs. 

Module Five: The Hidden Job Market Strategy

This is such a juicy module that I’m bound by secrecy so I can not share too much about it, but what I can share is that you will see

  • What the Hidden Job Market is and why it is so important to your success at finding a sponsored job.
  • How to use your working holiday visa to find sponsored jobs. 
  • Your Complete Step-by-step strategy to find sponsored employment. 

Module Six: Plan a Trip to Australia

We have a saying here in Australia, “You never never Know, if you never never go” well actually that was in a TV commercial in the Mid 90s that just stuck with me, but it totally applies to your situation. Plan, Prepare and Strategize and make the jump, remember “the biggest risk you will ever take, is not taking a risk at all.” 

Module Seven: Premium Job Sponsorship Search Tools

This an additional paid service that takes your sponsored job search to a WHOLE new level and helps you tap into the Hidden Job Market focusing on Australian businesses that have sponsored people in the past, and there fore are more likely to do so again.

So after you have implemented all the tools, Techniques, tips and secrets of this entire E-package, then you can fast track your sponsored job search success to the max, by using this paid service. Just remember you still need to have the groundwork that is outlined in this e-package done first, before you can really make the most of these Premium Job Sponsorship Search Tools. 

So that wraps up the primary ebook that you get in this Finding Sponsored Jobs in Australia E-package I think this ebook alone is worth the $47AUD. This Ebook covers so much useful content, it actually blows my mind how much thought and expertise has gone into this one document alone.

Your Higher Education isn’t finished yet, This E-Package still includes:


2. CV’s for job Sponsorship in Australia eGuide – 18 Secrets to CV 


This is the Best Do It Yourself eGuide on how to optimize your CV/resume when trying to get sponsored jobs 

In this Guide, Nadine has provided you with so many insider tips and secrets to transform your CV, its amazing how much time and effort she has spent putting together this guide, having worked in the human Resource and Recruitment industry for the last 14 years she really has so much expertise in understanding how to write a successful CV/Resumes.

In this e-Guide she covers everything to the finest detail. Even how font style & letter sizing makes a big difference to you success. 

She provides 18 Secrets to transform your CV for better success, she also provides you with 15 industry specific CV Templates to help you fast track your Do It Yourself CV for the Australian job search industry.

All you have to do is go through this super comprehensive step by step guide and make the changes that she recommends, and you have got yourself a Super CV/Resume that will Blow Away your competition on the Australian Job search market place.

Australian Job Search Guide:

Here Nadine has listed all the major job search websites in Australia as well as some of the most respected Recruitment agencies. She has also listed some Valuable links so you can tap into the hidden job market in Australia, of which she mentions in the Ebook (above) ‘How to find Job Sponsorship in Australia”

Australian Job Sponsorship Strategy:

Now that your CV/Resume is looking fantastic and Ready to compete on the Australian job search marketplace. You have to strategize your job searching efforts.

“I cant stress this enough!”

This section will take you through how and where to apply for jobs and to expand your network to get your foot in the door. This is a numbers game but when you strategize and plan your efforts, the odds of finding sponsored jobs get better and better. 

Your Mission, should you choose to accept it. To Find a Job in Australia:

Is the next guide of this series and gives you tons of resources, from planning a trip to Australia to do your own research to how you can potentially find a job in Australia before you even leave your home country.

This is an incredible body of useful information to Writing a Great CV/Resume is one of 3 Free bonuses in this E-package. And will help you tailor your CV for your specific industry and how to strategize the massive task of Finding a sponsored job in Australia..


3. How to write a Successful Australian Cover Letter –

Is the next free bonus that you will get and it goes through exactly what the title says it does.

  • So you will have the best cover letter that will stand out above the rest.
  • What Not to include in your cover letter and the things you should include
  • When you get this you'll see the techniques that will catch the attention of Australian Employers
  • Dont under estimate the importance of an effective cover letter, here you will see why.


4. Linkedin Strategy for Job Sponsorship –

Is the last free bonus in this e-Package, and applies modern social media methods to your job search strategy, expanding your reach to different areas on the internet and to different businesses and this goes hand in hand to what a friend of mine “Pat” is a big advocate for  “Being EVERWHERE”.

Being Everywhere is like fishing with a net, instead of fishing with a single hook and line,which is like traditional job search strategy. Being Everywhere not only increases your chances of getting interviews and finding jobs but you also have the opportunity to brand yourself as an authority in your industry, and this is when people will Seek You Out for employment. 

Anyone that is not using social medial to find Sponsored Jobs in Australia is always going to fall behind and in this Linkedin Strategy you will see how valuable this is.


Sorry this has been such a long post, but as you can see there is a lot involved when it comes to achieving your dreams, Finding Sponsored Jobs and Immigrating to Australia the Smart Way.

sponsored jobs E-package


So click this link to go straight to where you can get this complete Higher Education.

This E-package is still available for such a low price of $47, but be quick because I don’t know how much longer this low price will last, so make sure you grab your copy today and invest in your dream and your future. 

So with that, I wish you the best of luck and if you have any questions or if you need help with the How to Find Sponsored Jobs in Australia E-package? Pop over to my website at EmigrateToAustraliahq.com or send me an email and I’ll be happy to help guide you through this product.



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