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How To Request Job Sponsorship in Australia Part Two - Interest - immi

How To Request Job Sponsorship in Australia Part Two – Interest

Request Job Sponsorship in Australia Part Two - Interest

by Your Man in Australia on November 21, 2012

How To Request Job Sponsorship in Australia
Part Two – "INTEREST"


If you have not read the How To Request Job Sponsorship in Australia Part One – Likability go back and read it Now.

So to properly request job sponsorship, have you been practicing?

How can you leverage your new found Likability skills and harnessing the power of building relationships. Hopefully before you go out and Request Job Sponsorship in Australia.

I want to tell you all about what comes next, after becoming a likeable person.
Being practiced at holding a meaningful conversation with your employer. If you have difficulty interacting and communicating with your employer then you have some serious issues and even the best letter to request job sponsorship wont make any difference.
I'm going to share with you the number one thing that i have found to authentically interact with your boss and extend the relationship into the zone of reciprocation. (where you do things for people and they do things for you in return).
It's a matter of being a likeable person that is Interested in what other people, like your boss, co-workers, husband or wife have to say.
The power of listening and genuinely showing interest in what the other people have to say. This is the lost art of effectively listening. You have a story to tell and so does everyone else. So when you listen to other peoples stories it makes them feel good and when your boss feels good around you that is a great start to have before you pop the question of requesting sponsored employment visa.
The Art of listening is a rare thing in Australia today. When you possess this skill you will make the world a better place for everyone especially yourself.
As a result of having this skill you will be invited social events. The more likeable you are the more personally you'll get to know your employer. 

Before you can request job sponsorship from your Australian employer. Here are 3 major reasons I want to share with you. Why taking an act of interest in getting to know your employer, will get you closer to knowing how to successfully Request Job Sponsorship.

  1. First, you get more of an opportunity to interact with your employer, with this you get more opportunity to prove how invaluable you are to their business. By you spending more time with them, you will be presented with more opportunity to contribute in a valuable way to the business and their lives. If you become friends first, it will be harder for the boss not to sponsor you.
  2. Getting to know your employer and getting to know them will give you important insights into who they are as a person, things like what their hobbies are. Do they like sport, cooking, fishing, what tv shows do they watch? When you find out some of these details go out and learn about them. Get to know the sport they are interested in, show an interest in the tv show that they talk about every day, try to develop your own knowledge of these subjects. Then when the conversation comes up, ask a couple of quick questions or make a comment about that interesting subject. These conversations almost always naturally come up over coffee breaks, lunch or after work.
  3. It's really important to be authentic. Otherwise your efforts will rub off in the wrong way and your actions may be interpreted as "brown nosing". Look it up if you dont know what it means. Its not good.
  4. Becoming the Main Man (or woman) that management can Turn to in times of need.
    Building the personal relationship that will be the backbone of your career with that firm. Still you'll need to roll up your sleeves and jump at any opportunity to impress and do any of the extra work required. The Goal is to perform any action with 110% commitment. To be better, with more dedication than anyone else. (That is how i inherited my last business, pure hard work and dedication, I was left running the show and walked out on top).
    Now the difference is in the fact that when you interact, you'll be respected as one of the primary movers and shakers on the payroll at that firm. You'll be known by many and appreciated in a meaningful way. You'll be known for one that contributes to the business and the primary person in charge. This positions you perfectly to properly request job sponsorship.
When you build the relationship by showing a unique level of interest. Then contribute in a positive way with the owner both professionally and personally. Obviously putting in 110% work-effort into the business that pays your wages.
You are now in a much better position to request a sponsored position. Because of the relationship building and value adding. Now it will be seen by many that you are an indispensable asset to the business.
Remember a good business takes its employees seriously, because it costs a lot of money for an Australian business to train new staff. Therefore they will see more value in you. The management and owners will also be emotionally attached to your friendship.  And they will want to help you and support you. Keep you happy and keep their mate (you) on the job. Therefore the only thing that is left to do is to formalize the Request with a letter, to request job sponsorship.
Before I walk you through the proper process of writing a letter to request job sponsorship. I just want to mention that the business world is made of people. Most are good honest working people. So It's a direct reflection by the amount of consideration you place on the business and the owners needs. Laws of nature respond and dictate the amount of consideration that the business and the owner will place on your needs, in return.
So before you ask "Will you sponsor me?" Consider the other persons and their businesses needs first, "The more people you help, the more you help yourself."
From this position and mindset you will always have a lot more success when requesting job sponsorship. You will also have a lot more success in all areas of your life. When you focus on solving other peoples problems.
Part Three – How to Write a Letter to Request Job Sponsorship in Australia.  Click here to see if it is Available.
Image by takomabibelot
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I hope I can be one of those you can sponsor in going to Auatralia for free..I reaaly wated to go ang work there.thank you very much!


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