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Interview Nadine Myers, Emigration Job Search Strategist

Interview Nadine Myers, Emigration Job Search Strategist

by Your Man in Australia on May 28, 2013

Nadine MyersToday i'll be sitting in a Virtual Meeting Room to Interview Nadine Myers Emigration Job Search Strategist and Author of the Complete Package "How to Find Sponsored Jobs in Australia". 

Nadine has over 10 years international experience gained in the HR field in industries such as engineering and support services, travel and tourism, healthcare, manufacturing, and finance and banking. Nadine's career has progressed into international job search, and she now runs her own businesses, assisting people to migrate to Australia, New Zealand, UK and Canada and to find employment in their country of choice and successfully integrate into the workforce of their new country.


Q1. Who is Nadine Myers? can you tell us about yourself and what you have done in your life?

Nadine – After finishing my degree and finding my career passion in Human Resources & Recruitment, I decided to go travelling, and as many young adults do in Australia, I headed off to London. As expected, this started a whole new passion for me: traveling and experiencing other countries and cultures. I spent about 5 years in the UK, went back to Australia for about 3 years and then headed off to Canada and South Africa for a few years. After marrying my South African husband and spending some wonderful time in South Africa, we moved to South Africa a couple of years ago and now live off the grid on a beautiful property in the Magaliesburg mountains, west of Johannesburg. I am very passionate about life, and about helping others to achieve their own dreams. I also love spending time in nature and with animals. South Africa has incredible animals!


Q2. How did you come to know about this industry? can you tell me about your employment history and career in the area of employment services?

Nadine – After finishing my Business Degree in Brisbane, Australia; I landed myself in Human Resources and realised that this was the career for me. I loved helping people, loved working in recruitment and loved assisting others to realise their career dreams. After a couple of years I moved to London where I spent five years in the field of law and human resources and commenced further studies in HR & business psychology through the University of London; before returning to Australia to further my career in human resources and recruitment. It was then that I decided I wanted to have the freedom of my own business; and I started a resume and cover letter writing company. This company attracted many migrants to Australia who were having trouble finding their first job in Australia, and I soon realised that migrants to Australia were receiving no support or assistance finding employment in Australia. Working with migrants then lead to assisting people to find sponsored employment in Australia and after running a couple of  businesses in this field for about five years, SponsoredJobsInAustralia.com was born. The motivation behind creating this package was to empower people to find their own sponsored employment; and also offer affordable assistance as an alternative to expensive professional assistance.


Q3. Why did you originally get into this area of employment services? did you just fall into it one day or were you passionate about helping someone your cared about?

Nadine – I started my career in the direction of tourism and travel; and after working in a temporary position for a large tourism company in Australia I was encouraged to apply for a role in HR. I could not believe my luck and how much I loved working with people in this way, and I have not looked back since. Several years later, whilst working in recruitment, I met loads of people who had migrated to Australia and were having trouble landing their very first job. Having viewed hundreds of resumes, I soon learned that when recruiters are reviewing hundreds of resumes they tend to toss aside any resumes that are not effectively selling the applicant. There was one applicant in particular whom I felt had a terrible resume and did not look suitable for the job. I therefore did not want to interview her. However, she was very persistent with me and after phoning me and convincing me to see her, I did – and I could not believe the contrast between this candidate and her resume. It made me wonder how many other people are being turned away from job interviews because of their resume! Hence, the commencement of my resume writing business; which as mentioned previously, lead to me working closely with migrants and would-be-migrants to Australia.


Q4. When did you realise that you could specifically help people looking to migrate to Australia via helping guide them through the process of finding Sponsored Jobs in australia?

Nadine – As mentioned previously, I found myself helping a lot of migrants to Australia, and after responding to regular questions and queries about finding sponsored employment in Australia, I did some research to see how can I assist these people to land a job in Australia. Of course, their resume and cover letter was the first point. However, I soon learned that most people don't know the first thing about the hidden job market, and how many jobs could be found if this was accessed.  I started writing tailored job search strategies for people so they had step-by-step instructions to follow to increase their chance of finding a sponsor. One-by-one, our clients starting having success and we would interview them afterwards to find out exactly which strategies they used, what steps they followed and how they came to find an Australian employer to sponsor them. I soon had the "How to Find Sponsored Jobs in Australia" in unwritten form and decided I needed to get this wealth of information out there so that other people can have the same success with their job sponsorship search.


Q5. Where have you found that most people get stuck on their mission to a sponsored job on their road to migrating to australia?

Nadine – I find that most people get frustrated during the job application process, and have trouble dealing with the number of 'knock backs', or with the non-responses from their job applications. Quite a number of people feel deflated and down at this stage of the process and give up. What I have noticed from people who actually find sponsorship is that they keep a positive attitude during the entire process and don't focus on the rejections. These people keep at their search persistently, applying the strategies every week towards their goal, and with a focus on achieving their goal, they do not give up until they reach it.


Q6. What is your message to anyone looking for sponsored jobs in the Australian market place?

Nadine – Take note of the people who had success and keep check on your attitude, stay focused on your ultimate goal and don't let the rejections along the way distract you from achieving it. The more strategies that you apply to your job search, the better your chance of finding a sponsor; and I recommend setting aside time every week (if not daily) to apply the strategies, keeping records of your applications as you go, and just applying applying applying. The more energy and focus you put towards your goal, as with anything, the better chance you have of finding a sponsor. Just don't give up!


Q7. Do you have any success stories that you can quickly share with us from your experience in helping people find sponsored jobs?

Nadine – I have several success stories, and many inspirational ones. Probably the most inspirational was a sales professional from Canada who was on a working holiday in Australia and had 8 weeks to find a sponsor before his visa ran out. This guy put so much effort and energy towards his goal and did not take no for an answer, often convincing hiring managers to meet with him even though they did not want to sponsor. He received 4 offers of sponsorship in the end; and is now living his dream in Australia. The best part was, he was just an ordinary guy with no degree or special qualifications, and he beat all odds, all due to his attitude and persistence. There are also many success stories of people who achieved sponsorship after just re-writing their CV as per our 'CVs for Job Sponsorship in Australia' eGuide including in the package; and others who achieved interviews by simply applying the LinkedIn Strategy that also comes as part of the package. Many people who actually went out to Australia as part of their job search had success and I therefore recommend that people wanting to migrate to Australia should consider doing a trip to Australia as part of their job search.


Q8. I would like to know what is it that you see, looking forward into the Asian Century and how that will effect the Australian employment industry? and the without discussing immigration laws how that will effect Sponsored Employment?

Nadine – I would just like to say that I believe that we all create our own reality. It just depends what we focus on. I have seen people find sponsored employment when all the reports in the media and recruitment agents were telling them that even Australian's are struggling to find work so they told them they had no chance of finding a sponsor. The more a population grows, the more there is a need for products and services to meet the requirements of those people. So no matter what is happening in Australia, or with the economy; if someone is determined to migrate to Australia with employment, stays positive and focused and does not give up; I believe they will achieve their goal.


Q9. Would you reveal what you have found as the most effective technique, method or procedure of landing Sponsored Jobs?

Nadine – 1) an effective Australian resume and cover letter, 2) tapping into the hidden job market, 3) following up on your job applications and pushing for an interview, 4) visiting Australia as part of your job search. And don't forget: network, network, network! I must again reiterate here that your attitude is all important – without a positive attitude, it is unlikely that you will find a sponsor.


Q10. Lastly, do you have any words of wisdom you can share with someone that is just getting started in looking for sponsored Australian Jobs.. Besides downloading the Guide "How to Find Sponsored Jobs".  

Nadine – The package I developed really is the best place to get started; however, its also perfect for someone who has been searching for jobs for a long time and not having any luck; because it explains everything simply and step-by-step. However, my best advice is as I mentioned previously: to keep a positive attitude. To focus on your goal every week (if not daily) and to not give up until you have reached your goal. It is the same with anything. Applying for jobs is a numbers game. It's easy to get caught up in emotions when you keep receiving rejection letters from your job applications. However, if you treat it in a detached way, continuing to apply for jobs and following the step-by-step strategies in the package; you will eventually get some positive responses. Some wise person said once that there is no such thing as failure, there is only giving up. I stick by this with everything in life, and especially with seeking employer sponsorship. Visualising yourself already in Australia, living your dream life there will also help you to stay positive and on track. This is a whole other subject; however, if you Google "visualisation boards", you can find more information or guidance on how to use visualisation to help you achieve your goals.

Thanks for joinning us Nadine and for sharing your insights on how to successfuly Emigrate to Australia.

Click here to view Nadine Myers "How to Find Sponsored Jobs in Australia" Package.



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Harriet August 13, 2013 at 4:32 pm

Great little interview. I am currently in Australia looking for sponsorship and am glad to know that the approach I am taking seems to be in keeping with this advice. Fingers crossed it'll pay off! Now to go check out the links…


Your Man in Australia November 23, 2013 at 10:13 pm

Hi Harriet, Sounds like your on the right path:) I would just add that, by gathering all the information on the subject of ‘How to Get a Sponsored Position’ before taking action, can often minimise the amount of time it might take to reach the goal. Stand on the shoulders of others that have come before you, and model the systematic approach they used. (Its actually a way to get ahead in all areas in life:)



Zabeera October 9, 2013 at 11:46 pm

I'm looking for a sponsor what do I need to do.


Your Man in Australia November 23, 2013 at 10:05 pm

Hi Zabeera, The path you are taking is different for each individual. The fundamental tools are best presented by Nadine Myers. This describes the most effective ‘System’ to approach looking for sponsors. So its best to research her materials as its really quite comprehensive. 🙂


Anita January 16, 2015 at 7:12 pm

i am anita and i am looking for job from where i will be sponsored
i have done bechlor of commerce and MBA(Finance)
i have experience of 3 years in Accounting and 3 years in Administration
pls help me in finding the job that can sponsor me.



Your Man in Australia February 24, 2015 at 11:08 am

Hi Anita,
Thanks for your message, please check in here for your kind of sponsored job.


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