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5 Networking Tip for Finding Sponsored Jobs - immi to Australia HQ

5 Networking Tip for Finding Sponsored Jobs

by Your Man in Australia on October 25, 2012

The Smart Networking Tip for Finding Sponsored Jobs

Networking is hands down the best way to get the best employment positions, So i hope you take to heart the networking tip for finding sponsored jobs.

Discover the Power of Networking for Sponsored Jobs. 

Networking is one of the most rewarding ways to get access to the things you want and need that someone else has access to. Make friends and build lasting working relationships, especially when immigrating to a new country. By networking for sponsored jobs you can better utilise appeals to emotion, you will also build a better and more trust wothy relationship with the people you are dealing with. 

First Networking Tip for Finding Sponsored Jobs

Help People, the more people you help the more help other people will want to offer you. If all you do is help people with out asking for anything in return, eventually the people that you have given so freely will look for ways to return the favor.

Guess what the Biggest secret to successful networking is?… to focus on what you can do for others. To do this you will need to know their needs. So put your goals into the background and focus on trying to develop the relationship. When most people go out to network in business, jobs and careers they will constantly be thinking about what can i get out of this? Not what can i add value to the person your with, Give give give and the world will give back to you. Its how we can all make it better.

So how can you Network better with Your Man in Australia? Well I love comments and I also love when the website gets out to as many people as possible. So share it with friends family and news outlets. That way more people can better themselves as a result. In the end to make the world a better place for all.  

Second Networking Tip Finding for Sponsored Jobs

You don't need to know a million people, you just have to know a dozen of the right people.

Gone are the days when spraying your business cards or resumes all around the place gets you jobs. It wont and doesn't work. Instead focus on meeting the right people that are relevant to you. Once you discover some things you have in common with those people you'll more naturally discover a willingness to pursue those relationships further. Its much better to have 2-3 people that want to help you instead of 200 people who know your name.

Third Networking Tip for Finding Sponsored Jobs

Don't Expect Anything.

The most common Mistake i have found, is that people Expect so much from so little. If you have reached out to someone, it does not put them in your debt. No one, not even God is required to do anything for you or to Pay You Back. Instead try to reach out with curiosity, engage with interesting and relevant people. Try and share something and add value to what they are doing. Learn how people respond and follow up with respect for their time. Do this, but don't expect anything. 

Fourth Networking Tip for Finding Sponsored Jobs

How to reach out to someone new..

Tell them up front how much time you are going to take. When most people meet someone new they will be thinking how long is this going to take or how long will i have to speak with him for. So let them know up front that you only want to take a couple of minutes of their time. End the conversation with something like "would it be ok if i contacted you in the future if there is something im really stuck on or to share a tip that you've found? I promise to keep it short and concise, i know that you are a busy person." 

If you are initially emailing someone, dont send them a full 300 word story of your situation. Instead you are better to keep your emails short and to offer a genuine compliment to what they have done that has inspired you.

Fifth Networking Tip for Finding Sponsored Jobs

How to Build the Friendship. 

Focus on being friendly and helpful. This is the number one way of growing your network, its also the number one way to build a lasting friendship. So naturally it is going to a top networking tip for finding sponsored jobs. The more value you add the more value will come back to you. The better the world will be.

So when you go out of your way for 6 new people every week to add value and help them, some will notice you and eventually the a favors will be returned.

That concludes the Five Networking Tip for Finding Sponsored Jobs if you apply these tips into your process of sponsored job searching then you chances will immeasurably increase due to the fact that with the right relationship any Australian employer could sponsor you. 

So to Sum up the Five Networking Tip for Finding Sponsored Jobs.

  1. Focus on other people and what you can do for them.
  2. Focus on the right handful of people.
  3. Dont Expect Anything.
  4. How to reach out to someone new.
  5. Building the Friendship=Effective Networking. 
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