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Private Skype Chat About Immigrating to Australia Part 2 - Emigrate to Australia HeadQuarters

Private Skype Chat About Immigrating to Australia Part 2

by Your Man in Australia on September 30, 2014

skype222This is a continuation of the “Private Skype Chat About Immigrating to Australia”, if you have not read it click here to go to it now.

Wouldn’t it be great to have some contacts on your skype account that you could chat to about your dreams of becoming an Australian permanent resident. Every time you chat, you’ll get a tinny step closer to making your dream a reality.

That’s when you find some of the laws of attraction activated in your life, but most people don’t focus on a little secret in the science of the laws of attraction, that it really follows this simple 3 step process.

  1. Visualize what you want and get all the puzzle pieces of that picture in one place.
  2. Put the puzzle together in every available waking moment, so you can see the picture from all angles, even upside down.
  3. Take inspired and informed action towards your dream. (This is critical)

I think a good way to describe the Australian way,
“There’s lots to do in this country, it’s a really Big country, so identify what needs to be done to improve your life and how to do it the Best, Then go and just do it, Do it for yourself, for your family and for your community, there’s no one here, that can do the work for you”.

“Your knowledge of yourself and your environment builds the understanding that creates your world. Change your knowledge of yourself and the environment and you transform your world.”

In the chat below, there is a hidden tip that can save you $$$ Thousands of Australian Dollars, If You Find It You’ll Save $$$, and in my opinion have a far better chance of immigration success.

Welcome back to the chat:

AspiringToBeAnAussieGirl: Hi YourMANinAUSTRALIA, sorry to bother u again.. πŸ™‚ I just want to ask about your opinion regarding the ebook by Nadine Myers on how to find sponsored jobs in Australia if it is for me and is it worth it to purchase the ebook? Thank you!

YourMANinAUSTRALIA: Hey AspiringToBeAnAussieGirl, Yes! nadine did a great job. its a really comprehensive ebook, especially in your situation, because it gives you so much info directly relating to all the various ways to find sponsored jobs and the options on how to approach get started. I totally recommend it. but like everything, you have to work the material, so the material can work for you. πŸ™‚

AspiringToBeAnAussieGirl: thanks for your response. I think i’ll get the ebook soon. By the way do you know (xyz migration agent)?

AspiringToBeAnAussieGirl: They’re a migration agent from Queensland.

YourMANinAUSTRALIA: all good πŸ™‚
I don’t know (xyz migration agent) , first time I’m checking out the website.
why do you ask?

AspiringToBeAnAussieGirl: Ok, well she just hired me as a VA and it sounds funny coz I was thinking about going to Australia and here I am working with a migration consultant.. πŸ™‚

YourMANinAUSTRALIA: lol thats very funny, it seems like your in the industry for moving to Australia

AspiringToBeAnAussieGirl: yes maybe I am..

YourMANinAUSTRALIA: you can tell her that the checkout buttons are not working as described hehe πŸ™‚

AspiringToBeAnAussieGirl: I’m just helping some bits and pieces of the business so hopefully I’ll learn the process more, and I just found out it’s too expensive to get an agent

YourMANinAUSTRALIA: can i ask how much agents charge?

AspiringToBeAnAussieGirl: about $8000 more or less I guess

YourMANinAUSTRALIA: Thats a lot of coin!!

AspiringToBeAnAussieGirl: if I were to apply maybe I’d do it all on my own

AspiringToBeAnAussieGirl: but I need to be prepared

YourMANinAUSTRALIA: thats where my advice on knowing almost as much asΒ (xyz migration agent) really pays off, 8k is a lot.

AspiringToBeAnAussieGirl: exactly, I read through some forums of people from here who do the processing on their own and get to save at least half or maybe more than half of what agents charge

AspiringToBeAnAussieGirl: I have a question, it’s out of the topic though and one that bothers me. Does Australia always experience major flooding and fires and etc..

YourMANinAUSTRALIA: hey you should fully download the forms you would need to fill out and then you can also study directly for them, and practice filling out a few forms first off.
Then you’ll know what you need to know more of and you’ll have the time to study for it;)


AspiringToBeAnAussieGirl: I’ll do that good advice

YourMANinAUSTRALIA: thats a bit of fear tactics and remember the media always focuses on the negative, over the positive. they will rarely tell you how beautiful the weather was today and what all your options are of how to enjoy yourself and your day.

AspiringToBeAnAussieGirl: I’m a bit paranoid when it comes to that – coming from a country who experiences natural disasters on a regular basis like typhoons, earthquakes and what not

YourMANinAUSTRALIA: in Australia you just have to remember that there is more natural untouched land than people, so the lifestyle change can often be and ideally should be, “how to live in harmony with all the nature around you?” of course in the city that is less of a problem.

AspiringToBeAnAussieGirl: here in our Country, there’s more people than untouched land

AspiringToBeAnAussieGirl: that’s why more and more people are migrating to Canada, Australia etc

YourMANinAUSTRALIA: just don’t live north of Brisbane and there will be no hurricanes, no earth quakes at all really

AspiringToBeAnAussieGirl: maybe I’ll live in the suburbs of Victoria or somewhere near Melbourne

YourMANinAUSTRALIA: yeah its quite pretty down there

AspiringToBeAnAussieGirl: and what state in Australia has snow?

YourMANinAUSTRALIA: Victoria and southern NSW

YourMANinAUSTRALIA: hehe looking for a big change :)?

AspiringToBeAnAussieGirl: Queensland does’nt have snow, right?


YourMANinAUSTRALIA: Queensland has hail, does that count?

AspiringToBeAnAussieGirl: Canada is my second choice but I think I’ll freeze in the snow there. (worry)

AspiringToBeAnAussieGirl: Hail is much worst than snow, right?

YourMANinAUSTRALIA: yeah its too much snow there.
hail is frozen ice balls from pea size to golf ball size.

I had some hail last week during a 4am storm, only pea size though.

AspiringToBeAnAussieGirl: I guess I’ll thrive in there regardless of snow or hail

YourMANinAUSTRALIA: πŸ™‚ yeah both are pretty fun:)

AspiringToBeAnAussieGirl: Yeah lot’s of things to do when I get there. God willing.

YourMANinAUSTRALIA: aye men to that, lots to do when your here.

I think thats a good way to describe the Australian way,
“There’s lots to do in this country, so identify what needs to be done, how to do it best and go and do it for yourself and your family, there’s no one else here, that can do it for you”.

or maybe that’s just my theory on life

AspiringToBeAnAussieGirl: very well said

AspiringToBeAnAussieGirl: πŸ™‚

YourMANinAUSTRALIA: (handshake) cheers

AspiringToBeAnAussieGirl: ok great, if I ever make it to Australia, you’re gonna write another blog post for sure.. πŸ™‚

YourMANinAUSTRALIA: yeah i think its going to into a great success story πŸ™‚ I’m excited to see it unfold.

AspiringToBeAnAussieGirl: Yeah even it takes 2 or 3 or 5 years from now

AspiringToBeAnAussieGirl: I hope immigration won’t be too strict by then

YourMANinAUSTRALIA: it was strict when my parents came over in 1984, they needed to have the right paperwork just like today, so it looks like a similar situation.

AspiringToBeAnAussieGirl: okay, if it’s alright to ask where are your parents from?

AspiringToBeAnAussieGirl: UK or US?


AspiringToBeAnAussieGirl: Wow, I hope I’ll be as successful as your parents did. But If Australia’s not for me, then I’d just save and visit as a tourist instead..hahaha

YourMANinAUSTRALIA: my parents failed the first time, then they tried again πŸ™‚

AspiringToBeAnAussieGirl: so they went back to Germany and applied again?


AspiringToBeAnAussieGirl: No I won’t get a tourist visa in the first place if my intent is to work and live in the long term

YourMANinAUSTRALIA: yeah that’s pretty much what we did, my dad got a sponsored job

AspiringToBeAnAussieGirl: With my skill not being on the skills shortage list, that would be a big challenge for me.

YourMANinAUSTRALIA: hmm yeah, if your prepared in your knowledge, then you will be able to recognize opportunities when they present themselves.

AspiringToBeAnAussieGirl: Absolutely. I’m willing to learn everything and keep my eyes open for opportunities..

AspiringToBeAnAussieGirl: Working with an immigration consultant is one step closer..and I thought you knew her but it just happened by random.

YourMANinAUSTRALIA: yeah where there’s a will there’s a way.
one small step at a time:)

AspiringToBeAnAussieGirl: yeah thanks for your time. πŸ™‚

YourMANinAUSTRALIA: yeah always interesting chatting πŸ™‚

Stay Tuned Maybe there will be a part 3… who knows?

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