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Private Skype Chat About Immigrating to Australia - Emigrate to Australia HeadQuarters

Private Skype Chat About Immigrating to Australia

by Your Man in Australia on September 24, 2014

skype222The internet has transformed the world into a small place. I remember when Skype first came out in 2003, it was the first free internet phone calling software available.

I can now video chat with my grandma, half the way accross the world,Β while riding a bike along the beach, using my iphone. Mind-blowing, Right.

I think i had 3 skype contacts back in 2003. Now my world has changed because of it.

So, lets get down to business, this was not me chatting to my grandma about migrating her to Australia. She loves her home town too much.

In this private chat that i’m sharing with you, I was contacted out of the blue, by a VA that i’ve done a bit of work with… again, wow the internet, making the world a very small place and putting international professionals that actually make the world go round, at our finger tips.


So, Before you I let you in on my Private Chat with “AspiringToBeAnAussieGirl”, I just want to tell you a bit about what we talked about, and provide a tools cheat sheet.

  • We discuss tips and tools to help pass the IELTS.
  • I dive into what are the most important steps to take when immigrating to Australia.
  • Why it is so important to be able to self diagnose eligibility for immigration streams.
    • Check out these powerful self study Immigration tools Evernote and The Brain mind mapping software.
  • and some of the considerations you must make when planning to study TAFE in Australia.

I hope you enjoy the conversation as much as i did.

Thanks to Skype for making this all possible.

[24/09/14 11:07:59 AM] AspiringToBeAnAussieGirl: Hi YourMANinAUSTRALIA, good morning! By any chance are you the owner of this website: http://emigratetoaustraliahq.com/?

[24/09/14 1:31:25 PM] YourMANinAUSTRALIA: Hi AspiringToBeAnAussieGirl, morning!Β  lol yeah that’s my baby. how did you know?

[24/09/14 5:53:43 PM] AspiringToBeAnAussieGirl: Well I was researching on ways to get to Australia (coz it’s my dream to go there) and I found your blog and saw your name πŸ™‚

[24/09/14 5:55:52 PM] AspiringToBeAnAussieGirl: and I thought if it was really you coz the name sounds familiar

[24/09/14 7:36:20 PM] YourMANinAUSTRALIA: Thats awesome you found me πŸ™‚ I hope that i can inspire you to join us. Actually the web designer that helped me get that site up and running made it here, I often wonder how her and her family are going. πŸ™‚

Whats your plan ?

[24/09/14 7:37:18 PM] AspiringToBeAnAussieGirl: wow, really?

[24/09/14 7:37:54 PM] AspiringToBeAnAussieGirl: well I have some plans to stufy for IELTS first and then have my credentials assessed..but right now I a still busy with some work..

[24/09/14 7:38:28 PM] AspiringToBeAnAussieGirl: and I’m also researching and looking for some advise on what are the steps to take.. πŸ˜€

[24/09/14 7:41:56 PM] YourMANinAUSTRALIA: Cool, yeah IELTS can be tricky, a friend of mine has done the test like more than 10 times πŸ™Β  but she hardly follows my advice on the value of real life english practice:) but thats often intimidating on personal levels.

[24/09/14 7:45:02 PM] AspiringToBeAnAussieGirl: Yeah I know. I’ve already installed some english learning apps on my ipad and I think I can also apply what I learned from hearing my client talk on his podcast every day. I mean I write the transcriptions so I get to hear english spoken by americans, german, from UK, australia πŸ™‚

[24/09/14 7:46:17 PM] AspiringToBeAnAussieGirl: One english I find sometimes hard to get is the UK accent..and I think it’s similar to Australian right?

[24/09/14 7:57:53 PM] YourMANinAUSTRALIA: What are the steps to take? is a general question to a complex situation.. the best advice i can give is to learn as much as you can about every aspect of the process.

Do a mind map about all the processes and migration streams into Australia, and in that mind map research and answer the questions of – Who?, What?, Where?, When?, Why? and How? to each section in your mind map of each of the process.

Its a lot of work, but

The critical reason i say this, is that it seems that it can be the wild west out here, with some lawyers, “experts”, fees, employers are trying to take advantage, and I’ve heard some real horror stories of when people don’t learn for themselves and develop intellectual self-defence.

They lost their opportunity, even after being sponsored. All becasue the expensive lawyer (whom i won’t name here) simply filled out the forms wrong.

[24/09/14 8:03:31 PM] YourMANinAUSTRALIA: wow, your really working in english! you will learn a lot from that, but from my experience its when you take that into the world and begin to use it, you learn english 10X quicker. (for example: if we started actually talking on Skype right now instead of typing πŸ™‚

Another basic English avenue to take is to learn Phonics, this will help decode all the english accents πŸ™‚

[24/09/14 8:04:34 PM] AspiringToBeAnAussieGirl: Well this past few weeks I am doing my research like crazy. I’ve visited the immigration website almost everyday πŸ™‚Β Β  I have two options actually, one is to get an employer sponsor me and the second is to write an EOI on skillselect and wait for a good employer to sponsor me if they like my resume. Right now I guess I need to prepare for my resume (one that highlights my skills and not appear too showy) and have my qualifications assessed

[24/09/14 8:05:01 PM] AspiringToBeAnAussieGirl: yOU

[24/09/14 8:05:47 PM] AspiringToBeAnAussieGirl: You’re right, applying it personally really makes the difference than only studying it

[24/09/14 8:06:20 PM] AspiringToBeAnAussieGirl: My family might laugh at me if I spoke to them in english rather than our native language

[24/09/14 8:06:35 PM] YourMANinAUSTRALIA: lol yeah,

[24/09/14 8:12:32 PM] YourMANinAUSTRALIA: Its sounds like you have been doing your research, good work. Document what your learning in Evernote-notebooks or even better in ‘The Brain’ software, that will help solidify your learning, and help you progress into all the individual parts involved in embarking of this Quest.

[24/09/14 8:13:13 PM] AspiringToBeAnAussieGirl: I will definitely take your advice.

[24/09/14 8:16:26 PM] YourMANinAUSTRALIA: ME..? send me your resume hehe. but seriously i don’t qualify right now. I would need to get my business up and HUMMING before i could sponsor anyone πŸ™‚ I guess thats why i work so much on my projects, so i have that option for the future. πŸ˜‰

[24/09/14 8:18:35 PM] AspiringToBeAnAussieGirl: Yeah I hope your business will grow and expand soon. πŸ™‚ By the way the one who made your website, where is she from?

[24/09/14 8:19:56 PM] YourMANinAUSTRALIA: the Philippines πŸ™‚ where are you atm?

[24/09/14 8:20:15 PM] AspiringToBeAnAussieGirl: Philippines too

[24/09/14 8:20:59 PM] AspiringToBeAnAussieGirl: I have a friend from college who just made it there, I think she’s in Melbourne.

[24/09/14 8:24:17 PM] YourMANinAUSTRALIA: hehe, its a small world.
btw, what are you doing atm? still doing VA work?

[24/09/14 8:26:44 PM] AspiringToBeAnAussieGirl: Yes, still doing VA stuff. But I think I still need to do more.expand my career somewhere. Another option I have is to study and work there but it’s so so expensive. I have contacted an agent here and they charge so high.

[24/09/14 8:29:47 PM] YourMANinAUSTRALIA: what are you interested in? do you want skills or a certificate that looks good hehe.

[24/09/14 8:32:13 PM] AspiringToBeAnAussieGirl: I’m looking at the courses offered in TAFE, like Certificate or Diploma in Businses Ad or something similar. I also heard about Recognition or Prior Learning because I worked with a client before whose also from Australia and her job is assessing students who wanted to apply for RPL and I got to help her on that one.

[24/09/14 8:32:45 PM] YourMANinAUSTRALIA: its a lot of $ over here also, to get a “Qualification/certificate”

[24/09/14 8:33:11 PM] AspiringToBeAnAussieGirl: yeah I checked the fees online and it’s more or less $500

[24/09/14 8:34:15 PM] YourMANinAUSTRALIA: ok maybe thats not too bad.. can i ask.. is that so you can start your own business?

[24/09/14 8:38:37 PM] AspiringToBeAnAussieGirl: Regarding the certificate I really don’t know..maybe to get a job as an office manager or something.. πŸ˜€ I’m still exploring my options. i guess it’s easier to attract potential employers if I already had a certificate. I also wanted to work onΒ  the government side like social welfare or similar … and yes starting my own business is also a part of that but I’m still figuring that out.

[24/09/14 8:47:09 PM] YourMANinAUSTRALIA: hey, would it be alright with you if i put our chat about immigration as a blog post on my site. I think there are many people in your situation and think they will resonate with your questions and challenges. I can change your name to keep you private if you like..
What do you say?

[24/09/14 8:48:57 PM] AspiringToBeAnAussieGirl: Yes sure. But please change the name.. πŸ™‚

[24/09/14 8:50:08 PM] YourMANinAUSTRALIA: Thanks, yeah sure.. do you have a preference? πŸ™‚

[24/09/14 8:52:41 PM] AspiringToBeAnAussieGirl: Okay let me think…well I can’t think of any name. πŸ™‚

[24/09/14 8:52:44 PM] AspiringToBeAnAussieGirl: It’s up to you

[24/09/14 8:53:04 PM] YourMANinAUSTRALIA: haha come on..

[24/09/14 8:54:15 PM] AspiringToBeAnAussieGirl: Okay maybe AspiringToBeAnAussieGirl

[24/09/14 8:54:18 PM] AspiringToBeAnAussieGirl: hahah

[24/09/14 8:55:11 PM] AspiringToBeAnAussieGirl: or Wanderer

[24/09/14 8:58:39 PM] YourMANinAUSTRALIA: hehe ok, thanks i’ll pick one.

Its tricky making decisions for ourselves sometimes.

[24/09/14 9:00:15 PM] AspiringToBeAnAussieGirl: Yes that’s right.

[24/09/14 9:36:51 PM] YourMANinAUSTRALIA: Thanks for finding me, it was nice chatting about stuff:)

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