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5 Easy Steps to Start Your Personal Brand for Sponsored Jobs

5 Easy Steps to Start Your Personal Brand for Sponsored Jobs

personal brand for sponsored jobs

by Your Man in Australia on September 3, 2012

Let the Light Shine on Your Quest with 5 Easy Steps to Start Your Personal Brand for Sponsored Jobs 

What you don't realize it that you are already building your Personal Brand for Sponsored Jobs.

If you have a Facebook, Myspace, Twitter or Linkedin account you have already unwittingly launched your personal brand. The worst and best part about job seeking and social media is that anyone can check it, even your potential employers.

That means you have an unparalleled opportunity to position yourself as a "expert" in your industry. By "expert" i mean that you simply know more than another person about about your subject. 

So the next time your potential employer wants to check your references and Googles your name instead, they find a full listing of your personal branding efforts. Your Personal Brand it the Ultimate Reference, Resume, CV of the future so you had better get started on it now.

To build your Personal Brand for Sponsored Jobs. You are going to need a few things in place before you start. Fortunately most of them are free. Of the ones that do require a small fee, the social, professional and economic returns can be phenomenal when you create a blog that matters.

Remember your Personal Brand for Sponsored Jobs is not limited to Blogging. Depending on your personality, you can build your Personal Brand for Sponsored Jobs through Youtube Videos, Linkedin, Facebook or anywhere that you can display your productions and to send your potential employer to.

The following 5 Easy Steps to Starting Your Personal Brand for Sponsored Jobs, leans towards what i have done here by building a blog around what i know.

Buckle Up, if your ready for the information superhighway and start building your online resume today, with your epic personal brand for sponsored jobs. 

  1. You Absolutely Need to Get a yourname.com Domain – "If you skip this step your brand will have birth defects." Crazydomains is my favorite place to shop for domains. 
    Sure you can choose to use a tumbler or a wordpress.com account, but they don't support you having a domain without the extra tag in the url e.g. yourname.tumbler.com. This doesn't look professional and is more of an amateur blog rather than a serious personal branding effort.
    Think of Celebrities, they all have their ownname.com domain, so this is what we want. Note: we are not aiming to get a brand recognition in the hollywood/bollywood industry, (unless your an aspiring actor/actress.) We are purely aiming to get brand recognition for the keywords of our Names and or our Industry, social media will do the rest.
  2. Yourname.com Domain will need its own Hosting – I recommend using highly competitive Hosting services. Because they are so competitive you get almost identical features and fortunately the cost is really affordable with shared hosting options. Some Hosting options provide free Domain name registrations, so checkout these links to find the most affordable options to suit your needs:

    ZNETLIVE:  Started in 2002 and is now India's top Web Hosting Company. Easy to use, 1-click automatic WordPress installation, and excellent customer service.

    JustHost:  One of the Global Hosting Giants, they offer everything under the sun at an affordable price, Highly recommended for your first site. I used them years ago and they never let me down.

    Media Temple:  I moved my Hosting here when i started some other websites. They offer a scalable solution, so when your Personal Brand becomes something much Bigger, Celebrity style, you have an easy option of increasing your sever size and bandwidth, to make sure it doesn't Crash when 500k people visit your site all at once.

  3. Set up your Domain name, Hosting and WordPress – After you have you domain registered and domain hosting in place. You want to log in and utilize the one-click install for installing WordPress.org this makes installing WordPress a breeze and gives you access to the hundreds of free and premium Themes and thousands of Plugins, that will make your brand look totally unique and is completely and easily customizable. So choose a theme and go to youtube and ask Youtube how to start a wordpress.org blog. You can actually find all the answers to your questions on youtube or by googling your question.  

  4. Writing, Expressing Yourself around your Brand – Now that you have WordPress installed, login and click on Post – Add New. This is where the rubber meets the road. Start writing content now. The Secret to "Writing Epic Shit" as Corbett Barr says, is to embrace your passion and to be yourself. What is your passion and how can that tie in with your profession? Somewhere along your timeline, you chose what you wanted to do in life, do you remember what that is? …yeah now write about that. Start with the "10 things you Love about Australia", this should be real easy which is the point, just as a n exercise to 
    Now write about that, you don't even have to tell anyone about your blog just yet, the exercise is about writing and finding your writing voice. Practice makes perfect. 

  5. Social Media Leverage – The best places to promote your personal brand and expand your network is Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter. These networks all act slightly different to each other, so its important when your getting started to focus on the one or two that you are most familiar.
    Assuming your going to start with Facebook first, start by cleaning up your profile a little and focus on the image you want your brand to portray, (Hey just stop for a minute and realize that you have a Brand and that your brand can grow into whatever size brand you desire. Think and imagine for a moment 12 months into the future, after you have been plugging way at your personal brand with big dreams of designing an amazing life for yourself and your family, now picture your facebook account 12 months in the future of now, with 100, 1000 or 10,000 friends following YOU because they see the value of the stories and information that you deliver, see how all these people appreciate you and are inspired by the Passion that you bring to your industry on the internet. 
    Your ultimate goal should be to make the internet a better place, by doing this you will be rewarded in multiple ways. 

Remember Migrating to Australia is not something that will just happen, it is a process, something you work for in small steps over time. By taking many tiny steps towards your goal, I know you will cross huge distances and  reach your destination sooner. 

Leave me a comment below if you are interested or what to know more about putting together a Video or Blog for your Personal Brand for Sponsored Jobs.

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