5 Streams of Immigration to Australia

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by Your Man in Australia on July 10, 2012


5 Streams of Immigration to Australia 

One of the most critical problems that potential migrants encounter is the decision making on which class of visa they should apply for. With 5 available options, deciding for the right one might become very confusing. Among these five visa classes, the skilled migration Australian visa is the most popular one. This is due to the demand of the Australian Government to increase the number of skilled migrants each year. However, is this type of visa applicable for all people? Let’s take a look at some of the different types of visa available. This might help you decide better!

1. A Working Holiday Visa is ideal for young people in the ages between 18 to 30 years old that want to spend up to a year in Australia. This visa will allow you have temporary or casual works to supplement your income. While having this visa, you can also apply for other visas available every year so you stand a good chance of getting one. However, this visa is not applicable for all citizens. There are some restrictions that have to be followed in order for you to qualify.

2. To meet the criteria for a Family Visa you need to have an Australian partner or an immediate family member based in Australia on a permanent basis. This family will sponsor your application which will involve the sponsor in some degree of financial guarantee. This is during your initial period in the country.

3. You can be also sponsored through the process of Employers Sponsored Visa. The work you will be doing for the employer is deemed to qualify for such an arrangement. Chances of approval are faster with this kind of sponsorship visa. All you need to do is impress your employers for them to grant you this kind of visa.

4. There’s three Business or Investment Visas available for those who have businesses. Either they own a business or they have had a successful career at an adequate high executive level.   Each of the business visa type demand different criteria for you to quality.

If you’re 55 years old or above and want to spend your retirement in Australia, a Retirement Visa is best for you. This visa will require you to be financially secured and have sufficient funds available to satisfy the particular requirements of this visa. 

5. On the top of all visas available, the Skilled Migration Australian Visa is the most appropriate for those people with a skilled trade. These include plumbers, electricians, hairdressers, nurses and more. Although other professionals such as workers in medical field, law and management, finance or IT are in demand, they are all equally acceptable as many other careers are. This is kind of visa is subjected to a point system. It is therefore a must that you essentially understand how the system works in order to gain a high score and increase your chance of approval.

In conclusion, there are different kinds of visas that you could apply for to migrate to Australia. This will depend on your purpose, qualification and other factors. It is better if you seek legal advices from experts on which one suits best for you. It may become very difficult, but always remember that nothing is impossible if the heart desires. 

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