What is the Best Way to Emigrate to Australia

best way to emigrate to australia

by Your Man in Australia on October 31, 2012

What is Best Way to Emigrate to Australia?

We are always looking for the best and easiest ways of doing anything.

So it is natural to seek the Best way to emigrate to Australia.

When we seek such a thing we are usually looking for a way to Avoid troubles and difficulties.

By doing so we also want to make life flow more smoothly and life in general easier. 

Gone are the days when the best way to emigrate to Australia was by boat. Those days ended 50 years and today without the proper documentation and procedure it is absolutely positively NOT the best way to emigrate to Australia. 

So we can become more clear on our goal of coming to the best way to emigrate to Australia in this post we need to do some ground work.

By ground work, first we have to define what we mean by "Best". 

  • If it is your Dream to Migrate your family to Australia, To provide food, shelter and other luxuries that come with having a well paying job? 
  • If you want the increased sense of freedom and security that comes with having secured a sponsored full time permanent position that pays above $50,000 per year.
  • If you want the immigration process to be as quick, cheap and painless as humanly possible.
  • Then the best way to achieve all of the above is to take advantage of the skills shortage in Australia. 

Then this is how we will define "Best" and set the standard of what is the best way to emigrate to Australia. The best way to emigrate to Australia will achieve all of the above outcomes with the least amount of money, energy and effort.

The best way to emigrate to Australia, will be cost effective, fast and will enable you hit the ground running in Australia as soon as possible and start making cash ASAP. To do this like i said your going to take advantage of the skills shortage that the Australian economy needs in the present and future growth.

As a result of the resources boom, Australia has been one of the only western nations to avoid the devastating impacts of the global financial crisis that started in 2008. Because of the continued strength of the Australian economy and the positive out look. The Australian government still recognizes that there is a skills shortage. 

Shortages are evident in most clusters, but are particularly apparent for

  • Agriculture and horticulture occupations

  • Automotive trades

  • Child care occupations

  • Electro-technology and telecommunications trades

  • Engineering professions and associates

  • Food trades

  • Resource sector occupations. 

Source: NationalSkillShortagesOverview2011_12.pdf

The best way to emigrate to Australia is to fill the work shortage as soon as possible. How to do this? you may ask. 

Sneek preview the Step by Step Guide about the best way to emigrate to Australia.

If you have a skill or you are qualified for a trade that is on the skills and occupation list? Then consider yourself fortunate, because you are now able to submit your EOI on the skillselect platform, from anywhere in the world. The possibility is open to gaining a sponsored visa and Work this way. That sponsored position can then lead to permanent (visa) residency.

Making a bucket load of Australian cash could be the liberating. Some skills are hard to come by and some of the vacant positions are in remote places. Employers in those situations are offering very attractive compensation packages to find the staff that they need. This is by far the ideal and best way to emigrate to Australia. Because often the rate of pay is Amazing! and they might even be offering to pay for visas, travel expenses (for you and your family) just to secure your skills. BONUS!

That is an example of someone with really specialized sought after skills. But what about someone with skills that is not so specialized? What is the best way to emigrate to Australia for that person and his family? You might be asking.

The Best way to Emigrate to Australia is to Fly in Under the Radar, Network and Add Value so that  Australian Companies See Your Worth and Hire You on the Spot.

  1. Find your place. If you want to emigrate to Melbourne. Then find all the businesses that might require your skills. If you are an accountant, then search on yellowpages.com.au for Accountancy firms in Melbourne.
  2. Build a List. Place all the Accountancy firms of Melbourne in a spreadsheet and save to your computer. This will be all the businesses you will network with. 
  3. "Fly in Under the Radar."
  4. Go to valuable networking events and meet ups.
  5. Communicate with them about what they are interested in or having troubles with. Answer a question or add a valuable comment on their social media account.
  6. Get your Foot in the Door. 
  7. Share updates on your account and #hash tag those companies, when you go to an Australian Professional Association for Accountants.
  8. Always be there and apply for positions your over qualified for. To start at the bottom, build trust and respect and work your way up. Go Over 110% and you could end up with ownership. (something similar happened to me).

There is a lot you can do before you leave you home country and a lot to do while your here. So if nothing else, begin with 1. & 2. and Start Flying in Under the Radar.

Nadine Myers has written Step by Step Guide about the best way to emigrate to Australia which you can get to by clicking Here

Please note that this is an affiliate link, and i do make a small commission if you decide to get it. I just want you to know that i have personally gone through the entire course cover to cover and absolutely know that it is worth every penny you spend.

There is even a 30 day money back Guarantee so now there is no risk. To better your chances at the best way to emigrate to Australia. 

You will really have the best chances of making your dream come true by discovering the hidden job market and proven step by steps you your success.

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hi. wanted to move into australia from albania, please can anyone explain me or find me way how to get a visa please.. thank you


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